UPMC Visiting Nurses

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is an advanced healthcare tool UPMC Visiting Nurses uses to care for, monitor and educate patients in their place of residence.

Telehealth offers healthcare providers access to real-time patient data that is transmitted via phone line or Internet from the patient's location to a central station within our home health organization. This patient data will include blood pressure, weight and pulse oximetry.

We will continue to visit patients in their homes with the added benefit of enhanced monitoring via home Telehealth in between on-site home visits. This added ability to monitor patients in-between visits allows us to reinforce the education process and to maintain closer contact with your patients. Telehealth Patient

Benefits of the Telehealth Program
  • Reduces the cycle of Emergency Room Visits and Hospital Readmissions
  • Increases Patient Compliance
  • Early Detection and Intervention
  • Clear, Concise and Accurate Patient Data in a Timely Manner
  • Trending Information on Patient
Benefits of Telehealth for the Patient
  • Feelings of Security and Independence
  • Empowerment and Education
  • Early Detection and Intervention
Patient Admission Criteria
  • History of repeated hospitalizations
  • History of frequent Emergency Department visits
  • Physician Order
  • Signed consent for use of Telehealth
Telehealth Patient

Each patient's home environment will be evaluated by UPMC Visiting Nurses prior to placement of Telehealth equipment.

Any home health eligible patients who are referred to UPMC Visiting Nurses for home services and meet the selection criteria will be home health Telehealth candidates at no cost to the patient.


Is a physician's order always needed for Telehealth?
A physician's order is required for all homecare services. A request for a Telehealth evaluation can be noted on that order.

How often is the patient data reviewed?
Patient data is reviewed daily Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Any data that is transmitted over the weekend will be reviewed on Monday.

What if the patient has an incident over the weekend?
A UPMC Visiting Nurses triage nurse is available after hours by calling 1-888-860-2273.

What does Telehealth monitor?
Telehealth typically monitors symptoms of the disease, blood pressure, weight and pulse oximetry. Telehealth monitors can be interactive (video) or non-interactive. Determination of the type of monitoring will be based on patient assessment.