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"Based on the performance and professional behavior of the three nurses who are assigned to my case, I would recommend UPMC/Jefferson Home Care to all patients who require this service."

"These three are very patient centered in their approach to doing their jobs."

           -Alice Sheets

Patient & Family Centered Care

Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) is an innovative approach to the planning, delivery, and evaluation of patient care. Providers partner with patients and their family members to identify their needs and implement ways to meet them. PFCC’s essential theme is the importance of delivering care in a manner that best works for the patient.

UPMC Visiting Nurses has adopted PFCC to improve patient quality, safety and the experience of care. "We are embarking on a journey to embrace the practice of PFCC within our organization and are truly in a unique position to shape and change the way our patients experience their home health services" states Penny Milanovich, President of UPMC Visiting Nurses.

For more information, visit the Innovation Center at www.innovationctr.org






Quality Care
We provide you with enhanced care with a treatment plan tailored to your health condition, environment, and level of recovery.

Compassionate Care
Our dedicated staff help you and your family cope with your condition and work toward your recovery.

Timely Care
We are fully staffed seven days a week to make home care visits, even on holidays when necessary. After normal business hours, a medical professional is always available to take your call.

Patient & Family Centered Care
We are committed to providing you with an exceptional home health experience by delivering and approaching care from the patient and family perspective.