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Our Patients' Testimonials

Submitted by Carol VanZile

My experience with UPMC/Jefferson Regional Home Health was incredibly positive, and I think it is important to talk about the fantastic care I received. As I was experiencing health problems, my care was patient-centered because the nurses were concerned about my needs and doing whatever made me comfortable, emotionally and physically.

I especially enjoyed Kris, my primary nurse throughout my care. Her sense of humor, calm demeanor, knowledge, and skill in treating my wound, along with her empathetic and caring personality, made a difference in my care and helped me to accept this phase of my life. As an employee of both UPMC and JRMC and as someone who supervises many employees, including nurses, my care represented the traits I want my staff to display as they interact with patients and families. I will not hesitate to recommend the UPMC/Jefferson Regional Home Health to others who find themselves in need of excellent home health care.

Submitted by Faith Cornell

My husband, Arthur, had major surgery to remove his lower jaw and his voice box, and remained at UPMC Presbyterian for two months. I was reassured when we were able to use UPMC/ Jefferson Regional Home Health services, so that he could safely receive care at home. The nurse went from three to two visits a week because as you use this service, the patient improves, and the improvement is reported to the doctor so the need becomes less immanent. With the help of his care team, Arthur felt more comfortable and improved in his exercises.

Two years later, Arthur went through chemotherapy, radiation, and facial reconstruction. We used the same Home Health care people we were comfortable with and who knew our history. After Arthur experienced recurrent pneumonia and another hospital stay, we used Home Health for the third time. Each time, the therapist got Arthur up and walking around which was wonderful. We currently have supervision under the recommendation from our home health nurses.

We're very pleased with UPMC/Jefferson Regional Home Health, we always brag about them!

Submitted by Shannon Osborn

My husband, Bob, was gravely ill and treated for atrial fibrillation at UPMC Shadyside and Heritage Place, a UPMC senior community. After one month, and during the huge snow storm in February 2010, he came home and started with UPMC/Jefferson Regional Home Health. Despite the weather, none of the nurses cancelled, and they were always so cheerful and bright. We especially enjoyed the physical therapist, Linda Bryce, who got Bob out of the house and doing exercise. It made such a huge difference for Bob to wear regular clothes when she came and make progress walking on the porch.

I wanted to thank everyone who has helped Bob and I in his time of need. He’s feeling so much better because of the care and compassion he received.


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